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The Celebration of Jubilees in 2018

On the 6th of January 2018, the Daughters of St Francis of Assisi celebrated jubilees namely; Silver Jubilee, Golden Jubilee, Diamond Jubilees and one celebrated Platinum Jubilee; meaning 70 Years of profession.



Holy Walk

Saturday 13 October 2018, we Daughters of St Francis of Assisi have a day of prayer, it was a holy walk started from Vusushaba Store to Assisi Convent. The special intention was to commemorate the apparition of our Lady of Fatima who pleaded the whole Church to pray the rosary in the month of October. Furthermore, we included our country South Africa: as human efforts failed to solve our key problems. We turn to God, through his Holy Mother, asking his urgent help. Sisters from Himmelberg joined this walk as well as the local people.

holy walk  Oct 2018